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Full Version: Disable call forwarding feature.
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Is it possible to disable the automatic call forwarding feature completely? Specifically the Always Forward, Busy Forward, and No Answer Forward features. Our users are abusing these features or forgetting to turn them on and off. I would like to handle call forwarding from the PBX (FreePBX if it matters). Is it possible to do this? We have a few different models here with various firmware.


Thank you.

You can try the parameter below through auto privisioning.
features.fwd.allow = 0
Thank you for the response. Is there another way to do it without auto provisioning? We don't use auto provision.

If I download the config file and just add that line to the bottom, then re-upload to the phone, will that work?

It can work,but the verison muet be higher than V73 or V73.
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