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Full Version: Bug in version 3 of YDMP?
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We recently upgraded our YDMP from version 2.x to, but we have encountered a severe bug: each time we restart our Skype for Business servers, our T48S phones (working with the latest firmware) are trying to re-establish their connection, but they fail, as the account provisioning from YDMP is sending wrong account data.

Our sip-addresses differs from our loginnames (sip is like firstname.lastname@MX-domain, while our loginname is formed by a combination of characters from the first and lastname, followed by our active directory domain name).

In version 2.x of the YDMP, both the sip-adress and the loginname where registered fine in the YDMP-database, but in version 3.x, the sip-name is registered in both the "Register Name" and "Login Address"-fields in the YDMP-database. This results in a wrong loginname provisioning when the T48S-phones connects to the YDMP for their settings (the phone shows the sip-name filled in in both fields, and the phone is denied access to the server, as it is providing a wrong loginname)

I already contacted (our local dealer for Yealink products), and they confirmed my findings. We have >700 T48S phones which were having this problems (users had to reset the loginname each time they restarted the phone or we restarted our servers), and the only solution at this moment is to block all access from the phones to the YDMP, making it impossible to change any settings on the phones.

Please resolve this bug ASAP, as we have no control over our phones anymore.

Since there was no reply at all on this topic from Yealink Angel, I will update this thread myself:
After reporting this bug to Yealink and, we blocked all access to the YDMP, as more and more T48S phones were getting the wrong account data provisioned, resulting in telephones which were not able to logon without manual intervention.
After a week, provided us with a patched version ( to testBig Grin. We removed all wrong account data from the YDMP (accounts where the username was wrongfully overwritten with the sip-address) and run the new version for a week with access limited to only a few subnets. Today, we removed the firewall rule which blocked access for the other subnets, and the problem seems to be solved completely: phones are registering fine and accounts are written in the correct form in the database.
I hope Yealink will release this version asap for everyone, because version can cause serious harm when deployed in a large environment where the sip-adres is different from the loginname.
I hope this information is useful for someone.

Kind regards,
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