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Full Version: Creating Paging Groups
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I have a customer who has two businesses under one account. I have set up one business using the 100 range extensions and the other is using the 200 range extensions.

I want to create two buttons -Page 1 and Page 2-, so, when Page 1 is pressed it calls the extensions on the 100 range and when Page 2 is pressed it calls all the extensions in the 200 range.

I am using all Yealink T46S.

Can anyone help me set this up?

Thanks in advance for your help!
If you are using Multicast paging then it is very easy:
Just configure all the phones in the 100 group to listen to one multicast address, and have a "Multicast page" button set to transmit to the address. Then configure the phones in the 200 group to listen on a different address.
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