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Full Version: Bulk Manual config Tx Series ( With Server URL, Username & Password )
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Hi guys,

We sell Voip, based on provisioning links, so we manual copy paste Server URL, username & password in the webbased interface.

Now thats a lot of fun when you have to config 2 Yealink Phones.
But it ain't funny when you have 50 phones.

Any idea how i can to this easier & faster?
The URL, pass & UN is always the same so...

Dear Customer,
This is East from Yealink Technical Support team, nice to meet you.
My suggestion is using the "DHCP Options" to obtain the URL, please search "DHCP Options" from attached guide to learn more.

For the username and password, please try to add them in URL, like:

Best Regards,
Or sign up for RPS/YDMP. That is exactly what it's designed to do. You register your phones in the online portal, and when they boot up they talk to the server automatically and get the provisioning info you configure.
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