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Full Version: W52P call transfer supervised
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We started using Yealink W52P as a simple DECT phone for our customers, and with the demo we where able to use the R-key to put caller on hold, and dial another extension. In the display came 2 options, END and TRANSFER.
END took me back to the caller, and TRANSFER send the call to the other extension.

Since we received new phones, we have been unable to duplicate this.
We can use R-key and dial another extension, but then cannot go back to caller, everything we do, transfers the call.

Does anyone have an idea which settting this could be?

Are the firmware versions of the “old” and “new” W52P base AND handsets the same?
Did you compare the settings of the two bases with each other?
Are you running the latest firmware?

I am running the latest firmware, tested your action without issues.
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