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Full Version: Adding existing Yealink phone to RPS
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Have a question on how this might work.

We are taking over the Yealink phones for a customer that was with a different VOIP vendor. We want to use their existing Yealink phones and just register them to our SIP servers. We currently have a Yealink RPS account that we use to do this and until now we have only had to register new phones to this portal. We believe the current vendor is also using the Yealink RPS service. How do we apply the MACs for those phones to our RPS account so they redirect to our servers? Or how does it work when the physical phones are transferred to another vendor? If I try to add the MAC into our account, will it throw an error?
(01-15-2019 05:17 PM)Stevev Wrote: [ -> ]If I try to add the MAC into our account, will it throw an error?
yes, well at least that's how it used to work. The RPS has now been migrated/integrated and moved around from when they first launched it so can't say for certain anymore. IN the past you used to have to email support and tell them that you had possession of specific MAC addresses in use by another RPS client. Sometimes they asked for photo or proof of ownership, sometimes not. As long as you could establish they were yours they would then delete the old RPS entries and you could add them to your account as if they were new phones.

So might be worth opening a support ticket directly to see how they handle things these days.
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