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Full Version: Phones volume keeps turning down
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We are having issues with phone ringer volume, overnight the phones are resetting the ringer volume.


reset it?

I have tried it both ways and they still reset.

Another thing that is a little maddening is in the latest firmware if the default password is set it shows a red exclamation point on the screen, with NO WAY of clearing it remotely without rebooting the phone.

Also the latest firmware (for the t46) the messages button is broke.

Pick up the phone push messages nothing happens. put the phone on hook push messges it dials correctly on speaker, I can then pick the phone up and listen.

Config file:
account.1.picture_info_enable = 1
account.1.password = ${SECRET}
account.1.auth_name = ${USERNAME}
account.1.codec.pcmu.enable = 1
account.1.codec.pcmu.priority = 2
account.1.codec.opus.enable = 1
account.1.codec.opus.priority = 1
account.1.codec.pcma.enable = 0
account.1.codec.pcma.priority = 0
account.1.codec.g729.enable = 0
account.1.codec.g729.priority = 0
account.1.codec.g722.enable = 0
account.1.codec.g722.priority = 0
account.1.display_name = ${DISPLAY_NAME}
account.1.enable = 1
account.1.label = Line
account.1.sip_server.1.address =
account.1.sip_server.1.port = 5061
account.1.sip_server.1.transport_type = 2
account.1.srtp_encryption = 2
account.1.subscribe_mwi = 1
account.1.subscribe_mwi_to_vm = 1
account.1.unregister_on_reboot = 1
account.1.user_name = ${USERNAME}
features.config_dsskey_length = 1

local_time.date_format = 4
local_time.ntp_server1 =
local_time.time_format = 0
local_time.time_zone = -6
local_time.time_zone_name = United States-Central Time
programablekey.2.label = Phone Book
programablekey.2.line = 1
programablekey.2.type = 22
voice.ring_vol = 0
voice_mail.number.1 = 500 = 0 =${USERNAME}.xml

Ok I think I found the ringer issue:

voice.ring_vol = 0

That would reset it

So I removed that, we will see about that one now.

Questions still remain.

How can we remotely remove the exclamation point without rebooting?

What's up with the messages button?
Hi John,

This is Evan From Yealink Support Team, nice to know you here! And sorry for the late reply.

May I know how everything is going now?Normally, we will update users' questions in our ticket system in 24 hours.
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