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Full Version: The installed version has expired...
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We recently started getting this message when we try to log into the Device Management Platform.
"The installed version has expired and you can not continue to use the system. Please contact Yealink for the latest version!"

We do want to have to upgrade every time there is a new version.
Is there a way to stop this message?

I also noticed this message today, after returning from the Christmas Holidays. I am not amused that this version has expired without any warning, as we are using it to manage around 1.000 T48S telephones on our university. I was aware of the plan to make this platform payable, but terminating the platform without any previous warning is not done! I did ask our local reseller ( in december if they were alredy aware of the price for this product, but they had not received any notification from Yealink...

Can someone tell me where I can obtain the license mentioned in the installation procedure of the new version and what the price of this tool is?

If this is an example of the service Yealink provides, I'm strongly thinking of changing to another provider for Skype for Business phones. Letting customers getting used to a free management tool, and making it payable at a unknown price is not making any sense. We already payed >200$ per device. Managing them should be free.

Bertin Peeters
Systems Administrator
University of Antwerp
I got an update from our reseller here in the States, we can do an inplace upgrade and because we were on version 2.x.

I am going to attempt this now and see what happens
I already did an in-place upgrade and everything is fine so long as you don't want to add/configure. all phones went to "unknown" status, probably because I haven't activated the license.

And of course there's no published method of requesting a new license.

Talk about limbo.
Has anyone tried the Enoten Device Management application? It isn't free but seems to have some cool features.
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