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Full Version: W52P died on me
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So out of the blue, my W52P can't get IP address anymore, and just died on me. It is powered through POE and worked perfectly until a couple of weeks ago. The unit is probably 3 years old. Did this happen to anyone ? Is there a fix ? Or should I just toss everything and buy another brand ?

Thank you.
Would you please try hard reset with following steps
1.    Disconnect power from base.
2.    Press Paging button on base, at the meantime, connect with power supplier.​ You may find all the light lit one by one
3.    Release Paging button, disconnect power, connect power again.

I tried that. All the lights lit one by one.
After I released the paging button , disconnected, and connected again, only the power light goes on.
Network does not, and wifi devices does not.

Any other trick ?

Thank you.
Quote:3. Release Paging button, disconnect power, connect power again.
No offense, but personally I do first disconnect the power, then release Paging button, than power the base again.

The Registration LED (wifi devices) will illuminates solid green when there is at least one handset registered to the base station.
So after the hard reset you have to register the handset(s) again.
Now you can view the system status on your handset.

simon templar Wrote:So out of the blue, my W52P can't get IP address anymore
If you are using a managed switch, than maybe the switch disabled(?) the network port to the W52P base.
Restart the switch.
It's a managed switch, but I did not touch the conf for months. That W52P crapped on my about two weeks ago. Network traces don't show any activity from its mac address. No DHCP request, nothing. It's dead.
Quote:It's a managed switch, but I did not touch the conf for months.
Did you restart the switch? No more, no less. Maybe this resolve your issue.
So I guess I can trash my handsets and base ?
It maybe a hardware problem.
Please contact with your vender for help.
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