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Full Version: Multicast Paging - Metaswitch EPP missing "Channel"
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Hi There,
I'm testing Yealink T4x and W60B phones with my Metaswitch. Endpoint packs and

Everything is going very well, but I see a discrepancy with setting up multicast paging groups. The W60B provisioning interface has a field for paging "channel" on each listen/page group, but the T4xS endpoint pack does not have this field.

If I log in to the web interface of the T46S that I'm testing with, I see there is a "Channel" dropdown menu in the multicast paging interface. The channel value is required for multicast paging interop with Polycom VVX.

Can Yealink Devs add the channel field in the next version of the Endpoint Pack?

Is there a work around to use in the meantime?

Andy Hull
For anyone else running into this issue:

Adding or as Free Settings in the SIP Provisioning system works for now.

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