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Full Version: T41P - STP Issue
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Dear all,

We have deployed Spanning Tree protocol (802.1s MSTP standard) and Loop-back-detection (3COM proprietary) over our HP switches network infrastructure, in order to avoid loop events

We have recently acquired some Yealink T41P IP Phones that to our surprise (and unlike those Yealink T28P and T21P phones) they filter the forwarded frames for STP protocol (dest-mac 01:80:2C:00:00:00) and HP Loop-back-detection protocol (ethertype 0x9001, dest-mac FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF) between Internet and PC ports, leading these protocols functionality null when a user by mistake connects the PC Port to a free nearby network port.

The "Span to PC Port" option that permits traffic mirroring from Internet Port to PC Port, does not make any difference on filtering these type of frames.

Do happen to know of any way to avoid this situation ?

Thanks in advance

this issue is already followed up at the ticket system :

if any update , we will let you know ASAP



in addition , the ticket ID only used for Yealink internal stuff to follow issue, for customer if they receive an email from Ticket , just reply it !
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