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Full Version: Download Local Directory by Command Line Tools
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Dear Yealink friends,

I would like to collect the local directories of sever T42G phones automatically. A way would be to use a url link.

After some puzzling, I tried the following command:

curl "http://USER:PASSWORD@IP-ADDRESS-PHONE/servlet?p=contacts-preview&q=exportcvs"

However this doesn't seem to work. Does anyone have an idea how to accomplish the automatic and scheduled download of the local phone directory? Is the use of an URL a way to go?
Is this to the topic?

My original idea is to download the local directory of the phone via command line tools, such as curl.

Is this possible at all? If yes, how does a correct URL look like? It is especially the last part of the URL, which I'm interested in. The first part: ``http://USER:PASSWORD@IP-ADDRESS-PHONE/`` is very standard.
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