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Full Version: T58/56 Version 83 New Firmware Test
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Yealink released new V83 firmware for T58/56 (, add many new features.
Mainly about:
1.Metaswitch (
2.Content Sharing feature (need Yealink VC Desktop Software on computer).
Welcome clients download the new firmware and test!

For more detailed information about the new features, please refer to the release note:
(Content Sharing feature is not in release note yet, I will give an outline of it in this post.)

Below are the download links of Guides/Firmware and so on, if you have any question or suggestion about the new firmware, please reply on the post or sent email to
(In order to provide better assist, we will need your company information and contact ways, please include these in email.)


Endpoint Pack (for Metaswitch clients):

Yealink VC Desktop Software for Content Sharing feature:

For Content Sharing feature, please refer to attachment.
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