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Full Version: license of PJSIP
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Does any body concern about the legality risk of PJSIP usage of Yealink phones?
I found it is listed in the link of Yealink official web
It is licensed under GPLv2.
PJSIP is a library as described in it official web
Does this mean Yealink does not buy commercial license and they should publish all their linked source code which I cannot find on their official web.

Still no official answer from any one?
My personal feeling is that if Yealink does not buy commercial license of PJSIP, they will face source code contamination issue, and all products using PJSIP is impacted.
I raised this question one month ago, still no any answer or comment.
I began to wonder if there was a legality issue when I bought Yealink.
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