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Full Version: Does T27G support custom logo?
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I've created a custom logo in DOB format but can not find in the T27G web browser the option to upload this file. Is the feature supported? I'm running firmware
See attached pdf "Yealink_SIP-T27G_User_Guide_V81_90".

See page 79 "Logo Customization".

System Customizations
Logo Customization
You can upload your custom logo which will be displayed on the idle screen.
To upload a custom logo via web user interface:
1. Click on Features->General Information.
2. Select Custom logo from the pull-down list of Use Logo.
3. Click Browse to locate the logo file from your local system.

If this field / option is missing in FW you are using then feature not supported.
Download yealink's conversion program. You will need to convert the BMP file to DOB format.

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