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Full Version: incoming fake call
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i have a w52p under my isp router, i didn't open with forward any port, the registration work well, and conversation is ok.

BUT i receive fake call like 101,000...

how i can stop it ? i can set some for receive call only from my sip provider ?AngryAngry

You can try using another Local SIP Port number. E.g. 5070 instead of 5060.
Modify the auto-provisioning template with:
#The x of the parameter "account.x.sip_trust_ctrl " ranges from 1 to max accounts.
account.x.sip_trust_ctrl = 1
SIP messages from other servers will refuse by the phone.

#Enable or disable the phone to dial the IP address directly; 0-Disabled, 1-Enabled (default);
features.direct_ip_call_enable = 0
Disable IP Calls.

To make these parameters become effective, you have to reprovisioning the phone with this modified template.
is not possible with gui ?? :-((
(08-04-2015 06:05 PM)ipv6fill Wrote: [ -> ]is not possible with gui ?? :-((

No. Sorry.
Only the content of the Local SIP Port can be changed via GUI in Account -> Accountx -> Advanced
i'm sorry for my dummy questions, but i can download and later after modify upload configuration file...

have you some tips for this ??

There are no dummy questions, only stupide answers.

I am using the W52P with a PBX, so I know how the provisioning the phone through the PBX.
A standalone provisioning through a Provisioning Server I have never did before.

Maybe this document will help you with this
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