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Full Version: More Remote Control possible?
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I'd like to create a remote control application (to run on a desktop computer) for the T48G

I found the PUSH XML very useful, but there are many functions missing. (like e.g. "backspace" if you miss typed a number)

1. Is there a better way to remotely control the phone?

2. Is there a way to view/retrieve and "mark as read" the call history?

Hello Tobias,

1. Have you read action URI instruction? It may help you.
2. The" mark as read" is not supported. You want to view the history in application?

Hi James,

1. I've used the "Execute" object. Where can I find information about the "action URI"?
2. Yes, I want to be able to show the history in the application and if there was a missed call, I want to offer an option to mark them as "read".

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