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Full Version: XML Push into local Phonebook
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Hello Together,

i'm new here and happy to find a forum like this.

We use Tiptel 284 Sip phone, i think it is the same software like yealink.
So my problem is, that we have any contacts in our mysql database.
We have a selfdeveloped ticketsystem, there we can see any contacts.

It will be very nice if i can push those contact into the phonebook. So that we can see the name of the caller. Is there any solution? I tried to push the name of the Caller on that phone display, but if the call is active i canĀ“t push any xml to the phone.

Thank you for your help and sorry for my broken english Confused

hi Stikkx

thanks for your information

as your are using Tiptel phone and it is a customized firmware , so for your request , please send an email to , then we will transfer your request to the responsible FAE .

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