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Full Version: Paging start on button press and hold?
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I am looking in possibility to make paging on voip phones in such way:
1) User press and hold DSS button and paging starts
2) User hold off configured button and paging session stops.

Is it something similar possible to configure with current firmware or such feature can be scheduled for some of next firmware releases?

You can have a try of multicast paging.
1. Press the DSS button, and you can paging starts, you can speak.
2. Press the DSS button again, the paging stop.

For how to configure the feature, please refer to our administrator guide.


Yes, we know about Multicast paging, but we need it to work in some different way:
1. We need to be able to start speaking at the moment button pressed
2. We need to be able to speak while button keep pressed
3. Paging should be stopped at the moment of button released

Talking easy - it should work more like walkie-talkie other then regular phone call.
Most paging systems work this way. This would be very nice feature to have on Yealink phones.
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