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Full Version: Transfer with T2XG and call back
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Hi, I have several T2XG or P connected with Asterisk. For transfer I'm using TRANFER + EXT or directly press key from exp.

Now I need to use that when I transfer a call if the destination doesn't answer, the calls back to the original extension.

With Asterisk there are a feature code to use it, I use # + ext.

This code works If I press # + ext, but if a press # + key(blf in my exp), it doesn't works.

How can I use it? Or are there any other way to do that?


Are the any way to use that feature from Yealink using EXP keys? Or Yealink phones has that feature?


Please check what Asterisk is receiving when you press "# + ext" and what do it receive then you press "# + key(blf in my exp)"
Do it receive the same key sequence or something else?
Please keep in mind the “#” key is used by the phone as Send Key (Features > General Information – Key As Send)

Thanks for answer..

Yes I know. Instead of, I change # for other code, and the same result.

When I dial # + ext, in Asterisk I see the DTMF # + DTMF 126 (ext).
When I dial # + exp(blf) in Asterisk I see:

WARNING[29788][C-00000083]: features.c:2732 builtin_atxfer: No digits dialed for atxfer.


What I’m thinking of, but I’m not for sure, is you cannot press a key from the keyboard and add it with a number stored in a BLF key.
Please try to prepend the “#” to the number and store it in a BLF key and test again, only by pressing the BLF. Just for testing purposes.
I can press blf key and dial the extension. The problem is when I press feature code before press blf key.

I've tried with features.dtmf.replace_tran option, to change transfer way to dtmf, but with the same result, when I press a key before blf key, Yealink never send me the blf content (extension).

Is it possible to fix it?

I hope Yealink Support or other forum members can answer your question.
What version of firmware are you using on the phones?

This option/feature was added to mainline firmware back in V73...:

We use it all the time to do * + BLF transfers in order to send calls directly to extension's voicemail on Asterisk. Just for effort sake I tried doing a transfer # + blf as you are doing, and sure enough that works fine too.
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