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Full Version: Several bugs / listed in the message
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Deployed YDMP on centos 7 using minimal install.

Here are problems/bugs/issues so far.

1. cannot remove devices from Device Management -> Device List section.
2. Device Configuration -> Group Configuration does not apply when sending the group configurations to the phone.
3. Device Configuration -> Group Configuration does not apply when the phone is set to default and uses RPS to point to the YDMP for auto provisioning.
4. Device Configuration -> Model Configuration Model -> Select model device; model will NOT show a model that has currently been deleted. Example if I make a template with t43s and then delete it and want to use the t43s model again, it will not show up in the list.
5. Device Configuration -> Model Configuration -> Set Parameters -> Settings -> Time&Date -> Location; cannot find US Pacific Time. If set to Pacific Time, it will change to another Location and not stay. When I export the configuration or look at the phone, it will show as NONE. This messes up problem #6. See next.
6. same area as above except Time Zone. WHen set to -8 says Canada Vancouver. I need US location and time zone. America/Los_Angeles for example.
7. rport value, DSS keys, etc all have to be manually set in Edit Parameters in TEXT. When the phone is set to default and RPS gives autoprovision to YDMP, these options do not apply.

That's it for now. YDMP is not near stable or accurate enough to use in production. I have only added 20 phones to it and it does not work as intended. I will keep watch on updates and release notes.
I think the biggest issue with Device Management is the extreme lack of support!! With that being said, i really hope this works as I have the exact same issues as above. Please fix Yealink!! (and this is supposed to be a paid service for next year?)
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