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Full Version: CP960 PC connection with PC via BLUETOOTH problem
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There is a problem with the device CP960, on Windows 10 LTSB 1607
last firmware, CP960-

when connecting via Bluetooth from PC (all modes are enabled) in Skype, Skype for Business, Cisco Webex, etc, the CP960 Speakerphone is constantly off, while the headphones of the CPU 960 are sluggish to work - but the sound in them is very poor.
Speakerphone included, it is by default in the playback device as a default communications device and as a default device

on the USB to connect the device is not possible - too far (in the amount of about 10m) PC + hard to drag the USB cable

+ at this device, the USB connector is disconnected without the possibility to fix the cable - the connector will be torn out with the guts in a month ... (did not make it)

Do not know what to do .. The device on the first sight is very steep
but the problem with the connection on Bluetooth is messing up ..

BToE is an excellent solution - but it works only with C4B models of CP960

Hi Mikhail

You should try new firmware (
(09-19-2018 06:59 AM)Kontel_Support Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Mikhail

You should try new firmware (

Same problem encountered. I also tried to update the firmware to but still nothing happens problem still not solve.
i do have similar issue with Bluetooth. More especially audio delay when switching to mute/unmute
Confirm. We also faced a problem and are very much waiting for fixes.
The problem is not fixed in the new CP960- firmware
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