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Full Version: VPN on multi-line phone, how to ?
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Yealink T54S, T46G (or any other multi-line Yealink phone): T46G, T54S, have 6 of 16 lines being used, each line / button has 1 DID / Extension, so 6 accounts on the phone. They push a button to get to the line they want.

Phone has 1 MAC address.

I can only seem to get VPN working on Account 1, how do I get VPN on all 6 extensions. Thanks in advance.

Latest Asterisk 14, latest freepbx.
Is there a particular reason you are using 6 different extensions on each phone? i.e. you can use a single extension and assign it to as many line keys as you want, then just enable call waiting for the extension and calls will cascade down available line keys as needed...

Separate accounts are usually more for if you are connecting to different systems or different providers...

VPN is basically system-wide. So any account that tries to connect to server on the far side of the VPN uses the VPN to do so. I do not believe you can have multiple VPNs connected at the same time... somebody more familiar with openVPN might be able to say otherwise though...
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