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Full Version: Change VendorId to yealink<model>
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We use a mix of Lync phones and use DHCP Options to identify the phone vendor using User and Class Vendor configurations and then point them to specified folders on the provisioning server for additional configurations. We also use Polycom CX600, which uses the MS-UC-Client vendor id, the same default vendor id used by the Yealink T42S. I see where I can modify the vendor id in the T42S's web interface, but that means I have to touch each phone first before provisioning via a configuration file. I would like to auto provision the correct time zone using a cfg file.

I wish the T42S would set the default to yealinkT42S for the vendor id in the next firmware release. I'm assuming other Yealink models have the same default and would like to see those changed as well. This will allow for using multiple vendors of Lync phones.

Thank you
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