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Full Version: how to send request to all devices same time for autoprovision..
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how to send request / command to all devices connected to do auto provision


thanks for your information

for the present auto provision ,we support TFTP/FTP/HTTP/HTTPS

for more details , please refer to the auto provision guide download from below link :

file name :

Yealink_SIP-T2 Series_T19(P) E2_T4 Series_IP_Phones_Auto_Provisioning_Guide_V80_60.pdf
Using tftp...
Please help me,
the only way I see is set / change the interval time...
and do power on to devices
how to do it to all devices at same time?
Please help me,
You can send a specific SIP NOTIFY package to connected devices with header "Event: check-sync;reboot=false" in it. Please see autoprovision manual for more information. If your PBX can't send custom NOTIFY packages you can try packet-generating software like Scapy.

Or you can write a script which will authenticate on phones' web-interface and access URL which will perform "autoprovision now" action.
How to do this? Got 150 devices
Got tftp...
What kind of PBX are you using? If it's Asterisk, you can do it via the SIP NOTIFY easily. Gor other PBX there will probably be similar methods, but I only know Asterisk.
explain me how to do SIP NOTIFY,
and runs it from windows...
uing asterisk
Please help me,
send me examples...
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