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Full Version: [FAQ] How to change the IP address of YDMP
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When installing YDMP, user will fill a IP address of the YDMP. Then YDMP will generate a dm.cfg file which contain the YDMP IP address. If you change the IP of Centos OS, the YDMP IP address on dm.cfg won't change.
1. Centos OS IP address:, fill as YDMP IP address when installing.
2. Change Centos OS IP address to User still can access web UI of YDMP. The phones can't connect to YDMP, the IP address in dm.cfg file doesn't change, still Phone still try connect to

There are two ways to change the IP address.
1. Uninstall then install, fill new IP address of YDMP.

2. Commands below to change IP address
Step 1: cd /usr/local/yealink/dm/tomcat_dm/webapps/ROOT/initData

Step 2: vi dm.cfg, change dm.server.address to new IP address then saved

Step 3: cd /usr/local/yealink/dm/tomcat_dm/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/classes/config/product

Step 4: replace the new IP address, via command below
sed -i 's/old IP address/new IP address/g'

Step 5: reboot the server
/usr/local/yealink/dm no exist in version

search return no result for dm.cfg from the root.
Did you manage where is the path to modify dm.cfg file?

You should determine the current IP address before the changing new IP address.
To change the IP address of YDMP on CentOS OS, there are two methods:

Method 1: Uninstall and reinstall YDMP, and fill in the new IP address during the installation process.

Method 2: Change the IP address in the dm.cfg and files using terminal commands. This involves navigating to the correct directories, opening the files in a text editor, and replacing the old IP address with the new one using the 'sed' command. Finally, reboot the server to apply the changes.
(07-21-2021 02:26 AM)rsheng Wrote: [ -> ]/usr/local/yealink/dm no exist in version

search return no result for dm.cfg from the root.

Pelo que pude perceber, o diretório pode ter sido alterado. Tente, por exemplo, acessar os arquivos:

cat /usr/local/yealink/microdm_premise/conf/application.yml


cat /usr/local/yealink/data/install.conf
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