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Full Version: Maximum BLFs
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I have a client who needs over 60 BLF keys on a phone or phone with expansion modules=(s).

Can you advise whether there are any limits and/or which phone model might support this?
Dear Rus,

This is Jensen from Yealink technical team, nice to know you via mail.
From your description, you need to use Phone + Expansion, becuase not phone can support up to 70 programmable key.
I recommend you can use T46S/ T48S + EXP40. Those are the most popular models.

We've had some problems in the past when a phone was configured with a lot of BLFs:
Just in case you're still looking we have a customer who has 3 EXP20s deployed on their T29G without issue. I would expect a T4xS phone would have no issue doing at least that since it has a more powerful processor in it... have not tested though.
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