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Full Version: Voicemail Notification Issue
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Asterisk Version - 11.8
FreePBX Version - 2.11
Phone Type - Yealink T46G
Switches - CISCO SG500-52P

We are running into an issue where when a voicemail is left on one extension a new voicemail notification is pooping up on all the phones. None of the endpoints are set to monitor any other voicemail box than the extension programmed on them. You cannot access the voicemail from any other extension than the one it was left on originally and the notifications goes away when the message is deleted from the phone the voicemail was left on.

At first we thought it was Unicast Flooding issue but we have taken the appropriate steps on the CISCO switch to prevent this and it is still happening. I have also rebuilt extensions and reporvisioned phones both with Endpoint Manager and manually but the issue persists. I am not seeing any indication in the call log that notifications are being sent to any other extension when a voicemail is left. Any ideas?

Phone must receive a voicemail NOTIFY message from server.
Are these phones in a group?
And please check the "Voice Mail" option under Account-> Advanced, do these phones have a same value?

You can enable phone pcap trace and check what it receives when you leave/delete the voicemail at original phone.

I have looked at the call logs when leaving a message. The only NOTIFY message being sent by the server is to the phone the message is being left on.

They are in a Ring Group however this issue happens when the message is left after dialing the phones direct dial number as well.

Of course they all have the same value in the voicemail setting field. It is the Asterisk Feature to dial into their voicemail.
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