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Full Version: cannot transfer calls to every W52H handheld
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Hi All,

it's not possible to transfer calls to all of the handhelds on the W52P. Only the first. Situation is like this:

- One T42G with 1 line/SIP account. (name of the phone is 200)
- Second there is a W52P with 1 line/SIP Account and with 3 W52H handhelds. (name of the phones are 201, 202, 203)

All 4 telephones can receive and make a call.

When it comes to transferring calls the following happens:
I can transfer calls from any phone (200, 201, 202, 203) to 200 and 201. But I cannot transfer any call to 202 and 203. The line is disconnected if I do that.

from 200 I can transfer to 201. Not to 202, 203
from 201 I can transfer to 200. Not to 202, 203
from 202 I can transfer to 200, 201. Not 203.
from 203 I can transfer to 200, 201. Not 202.

It is a weird situation because even for the base station with the 3 handhelds alone I cannot transfer calls.

How can I make sure that the handhelds 202 and 203 are in the telephone pool so I can transfer calls to them?


Dear Customer,

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