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Full Version: CP960 using Skype via smartphone
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Just purchased the CP960 and all is working great except I am unable to make a Skype call on my smartphone connected via Bluetooth. Playing music works but not Skype or Whatsapp etc.

Dear Customer,

Firstly, let us check the scenario:
Do you connect wireless MIC or Wired MIC?
What do you mean about you unable to make a call? The call can be extablished, but without voice? A video will be appreciated to check all the details.

Also, please provide the level 6 syslog, config.bin and PCAP when you reproduce the issue for us to locate the problem.
Refer this FAQ below to collect:

Besides, how many phones you have in total? And how many of them have the issue?

Best Regards,
Hi Lucia, thanks for your reply.

Basically we would like to be able to make a Skype/Whatsapp call from a smartphone which is already pared over Blutooth but the CP960 does not see the phone. Playing music over Bluetooth works fine.
Dear Customer,

Thank you for your confirm.
This is a known bug, we will solve this problem in our next big version in June in plan. You can download the new firmware after we release it in our Website.

Best Regards,
Hi, this is strange. I just tested it on an iPhone X and it worked. So it seems the problem is with Android phones like Huawei and HTC, neither work. Seems ironic as I believe the CP960 is Android based? Nothad a chance to test it on a Samsung as the conference room has been busy all day.
HI Customer,

Yes,that is strange. As we test with iphone 7, it also failed to work.
It is the compatible problem. We will add iphoneX in our test list, also. And solved this problem in our next big version.

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