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Full Version: Rebooting a phone without unplugging?
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Most Yealink phones support a long-press on the X button to trigger a prompt for a reboot. Pressing OK then causes the phone to reboot.

But some phones do not have an X button (like the CP860 and the cordless phones to name a couple...).

A W56H can be reset it's W60 base
Setting -> System Settings -> Base Restart
The phone prompts for the PIN
Then the phone base restarts.

** What if the user doesn't have the PIN?
** Does this work for the W56P base?
** Does this work for the W52P base?
** And is the menu the same?

A user can factory a desk phone (or a CP860) with a long press on OK...

But with a cordless, the phone prompts for a pin (which does make SOME sense - to avoid one user rebooting or resetting the phones).

Is there an index or reference to these methods?

Thanks in advance!!

(03-23-2018 12:12 AM)bitblock Wrote: [ -> ]A W56H can be reset it's W60 base (& W52H can reset W52 base)
Setting -> System Settings -> Base Restart
The phone prompts for the PIN
Then the phone base restarts.

I posted in the cordless forum (, and received confirmation the PIN is required for rebooting those phones.

Does anyone have any information on the conference phones please?

I received a reply from Yealink in a ticket outside the forum...
It seems many (maybe all?) Yealink phones can be rebooted from the user login.

If you look up the IP address of the phone, you can log in to the user account. After that, click on Settings on the top, and Upgrade in the left menu. You should see a "Reboot" button in the middle of the screen.

The URL will look like this:

It would still be ideal if there was a long-press or menu based style of reboot method like other phones, but this is definitely a better option for some compared with unplugging cables, etc.


Hi Mitch,

Are you looking for a way to reboot the phones like CP860 by long pressing some key without having to go to the advanced menu for the option of reboot?

I'm sorry for these models, like CP860, CP920, and CP960, you can only reboot the phone by going to the advanced menu>reboot, or by unplugging the cable.
However usually the reboot is very seldonly required, even if you lose the network connection, the phone will still recover the connection when the network is resumed.

Kind Regards
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