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Full Version: Information on Remote Assistance Feature
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Reading the new features in the Version 70 firmware about Action URI I noticed a mention made to "remote assistance" I am wondering if anyone has anymore information on this.

The quote from the release notes is:

"if the phone received a remote control command of Action URI , it will pop
up a prompt interface first, and customers can choose to accept or reject it(the similar scenario like remote assistance)"
You can find the details from our admin guide(page 172), which can be downloaded from our website:
Are you sure it's page 172? Page 172 talks about Directed Pickup Key. I searched the entire document and cannot find Remote Assistance, Remote Support.
Hi Ash,
Sorry the document in the webpage changed, please check page 63, it's about Action URI, you can also search "Action URI" in the document, then you will find the details about remote control.
Sorry I think you may have confused my original question. The new V70 firmware mentions something called "remote assistance" is this just for Action URI?

I am trying to find out more information on remote assistance not Action URI the part I am trying to understand is why does the new software mention "the similar scenario like remote assistance".
Hi Ash,
In the release note, it means our action URI feature, because use this feature, you can just enter a URI on your PC or server, then you can make your phone to do some operation, for example make the call, answer the call or others. This is just like remote control the phone or do some remote assistance.
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