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Full Version: Conversation History Not Syncing
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We are having issues with several users not syncing their call history with Exchange. We can reset the phone to factory defaults and login as the user. The call history will sync for about 12 hours and then stop. The rest of the phone features such as visual voicemail work as expected. The only fix we have found is to reset the phone and login again which will work for about 12 hours. Any ideas?


Dear Customer,

Looks like your phone is synchronizing with the SFB phone policy from the server every 12 hours, and the history syncing setting in the policy is set to off. Please check with your service provider to correct this setting in the policy.

Kind Regards
Samuel Wang
Hello! We had the same problem, but everything resolved itself, we just went out and logged back into the account several times in a row. But it was our working account, but our clients or other employees didn't face anything like that. But we still had to work with writing service from writing expert to write a good letter for mailing and post on the page of our company to warn our customers about possible problems and how to solve them.
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