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Full Version: Link to reach the forum?
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Hello! It was a few years I wasn't active on this forum.
Now, having to reach it again, I had to manually enter in browser bar, as I'm not been able to locate the link to reach the forum from the main Yealink website (, although this may sound strange.

Could someone please tell me where it is? I missed it!

Is maybe the forum considered obsolete and should I instead open tickets ( to ask for questions about Yealink phones?
Dear Mauro,

You can find the forum part in Yealink WIKI:[url] [/url]
And if you have problem, please go to Yealink ticket system to submit your problem. Yealink will give you reply in 48 hours.
About how to use the ticket system, you can refer to the FAQ:

Best Regards´╝î
Thank you very much.
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