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Full Version: 802.1x md5
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Hi, I am trying to use 802.1x md5 authentication in a T38g phone. I have configured user name and password. When there is no PC conected to the phone, the authentication do not work. It does not event happen. When I Connecticut a PC on the phone (configured with 802.1x authentication too), the authentication works. Both PC and phone are authentication but few minutes later the phone is deauthenticated. What AM I missing ?

Have you uploaded the server CA to phone?

If not, please disable the option "Only Accept Trusted Certificates" under Security-> Trusted Certificate and try again.
Is it necessary to use digital certificate in the Md5 authentication ? Why ?
I am gonna try it. Sorry my misspelling. Its the autocomplete mode. Smile
The phone does not initiate the 8021x authentication. Why ?
It only autheticates 802.1x when the PC is connected to it.
Working alone the authentication does not happen.
I am working with hp switch 5500.
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