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Full Version: Autoprovision Softkey XML Group
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We have a remote phonebook setup which is great and we can provision this via autoprovisioning.

I am trying to understand how to achieve this setup with autoprovisioning, which at the moment I can only achieve through the web interface.

We would like setup the 'Directory' button on the phone idle screen. We would like that when you press the Directory button, it goes straight to Remote Phonebook number 2.

In the web interface, we can do this by setting Programmable Key 2 to be XML Group, and then setting the 'line' option to the name of our 2nd remote directory.

I can't seem to get the 'line' value to work in autoprovisioning.

I have tried the following settings:
directory_setting.url = http://{removed}/favorite_setting.xml = http://{removed}/contacts.xml = KB Directory
Programmablekey.2.value=KB Directory
Programmablekey.2.label=KB Directory
Programmablekey.2.xml_phonebook=KB Directory
features.remote_phonebook.enable = 1
super_search.url = http://{removed}/super_search.xml

The phonebook seems to work OK if I go to Menu > Directory > Remote > 2. KB Directory, but this is long-winded for our users.

I have checked all of the documentation I can find about this, but I haven't been able to figure this one out. Can someone please help?
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