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Full Version: Directory search
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Hello Yealink !

On T4xS phones, the directory search interface allows to enter a "substring" and all directory entries containing this substring are then shown.

It would be nice to have another search option : the phone would shown only the entries starting with the substring (instead of containing).

This way of searching into the directory would speed up the search (less character to type in). I understand the possible drawback of this : all entries in the directory must be organized the same way and phone users must "think" the same way when they use the directory search.
Providing both options would certainly be useful.

Best regards,
Michel, 4Next
Totally agree with 4Next! This way of searching will make the process of directory search easier than ever before. But providing both options would certainly be beneficial for all phone users.
I'll vote for this.

Just the ability to jump to the letter pressed would be nice. Like hitting 8 would take you to the start of the T's. Very nice when you have a hundred entries in the directory.

Snom phones do this.

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