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Full Version: T46G - BLF no work, Lamps wrong status
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We've been having a problem with all 13 T46G Yealink devices for a long time, when the internet download through the computer goes to maximum. Even after that, the device also shows malfunctions.
Due to the Internet load, the Yealink apparently loses the Internet connection at short notice and can not restore it to 100%. It shows malfunctions, such as the BLF buttons no longer work. The lamps show wrong status ....
Only a restart helps the device. Until the Internet shows full capacity again.


The phones hang on a switch. The switch directly to the "AVM Fritzbox 6490 Cable (kdg)".
Internet telephony is set up as a real-time application.

Internet test
Download 104159 kbps
Upload 11922 kbps
Ping 20 ms

Would anyone have an idea what it could be?

Dear Customer,

You mean even the Internet shows full capacity again, the BLF statue still have problem?
Please upgrade the firmware to the latest version firstly, as it solve so many BLF bugs:

After that, if still have problem, please provide the level 6 syslog, config.bin and pcap trace when you reproduce the issue for us to debug.
Please note to export the syslog to the server side, use the wireshark to capture the pcap trace.
Refer to the three FAQ to collect the three files:

Best Regards,
Hello Lucia,
Thanks for the answer.

I updated the firmware on my device today. I watch the rest of the story. If the error comes back, I'll let you know.
Whether I can do that with the error logs, I do not know. My english is limited.
All I can say is that we have had to restart individual devices over and over again for many months because the BLFs are not working properly.

I'll contact you!


I did the update on all devices today. But the problem persists.
The status of individual employees is not shown on the display (LED).
The mistake comes quite sporadically. I can not reproduce it immediately.
But I have exported diagnostic files from the affected device. Where can I upload the file?
I am too complicated. I do not understand.

HI Customer´╝î

You can send the file to
Holiday note: Yealink office will be closed from Feb.11th to Feb.22nd to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Best Regards,
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