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Full Version: Yealink T42S - User Agent and HW version
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analyzing the User Agent sent by the T42S I noticed that the part corresponding to the firmware version, starts with 66. What I expected was that it started with the T42S HW version, which is 67 (as the autoprovisioning guide says).

Is it an error?
Moreover, 66 is the HW version of the T46S model and even its firmware version starts whits this number (correctly).

This ambiguity creates me some problems, will it be solved in the future or is there a reason for this behavior on this phone model?


Dear Customer,

In the user agent it shows only the firmware number, not the hardware number, see below example,

User-Agent: Yealink SIP-T48G\r\n

Besides, the hardware number consists of 6 parts of numbers while firmware number only has 4 parts of number.

e.g. T46S's hardware number:

Kind Regards
Samuel Wang
So this thread is no longer valid?
It says that the first part of the firmware corresponds to the phone model, but in my case (T42S and T46S) seems to have the same phone model number (66)?
Is it correct?


Dear Customer,

The thread you mentioned is out-dated, you are right the first number usually indicates the hardware, but the T4xS series share the same firmware, that's why on the T4xS series, the user agent shows 66.x.x.x.

Kind Regards
Samuel Wang
Ok, good to know.

Thank you for your help.
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