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Full Version: Unanswered calls ring duration
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Is there way to setup ring duration for unaswered calls?
Yealink phones only ring 20sec then rings only s4b client on PC.
Phone have latest firmware, s4b client latest patches.

Dear Customer,

Good day! Thanks for contacting Yealink technical support, this is Evan.

For your question, this time can be set via Skype for business client on the PC. As shown picture below:
Tools--->Call Forwarding settings--->Unanswered calls will go to:voice mail 20 seconds, click on it to set the time value you want.

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Evan You
Thank you for your answer.
Any value greater than 20s doesn't make any change, only if is lower than 20s.
This happend even if i set this value on s4b server ( SEFAUtil.exe /enablefwdnoanswer /callanswerwaittime:60 /server:server.adress ).
Dear Customer,

Thanks for update.

I’ve tried to test it locally but I was unable to reproduce the issue you mentioned.The configuration of ring time is set on server side,then the phone will sync it from server.

For this issue, please help check below information.
1.Please help check this value you set on the server was in effect or not. As shown below:
2.All of the SFB accounts have this issue?
3.Please try sign-out the account and sign-in again after the configuration is set on server side or SFB client on the PC.

If not help, to analyze the issue, we need your help to repeat the process and feedback with pcap, config.bin and syslog(level 6). Under web UI->settings->configuration
1. Please set system log level to 6 then confirm to save setting
2. start PCAP feature, try to make a call, rings 20s, after stop ringing.
3. Stop pcap feature and export the pcap file
4. Export the config.bin file via Export or Import Configuration
5. Export the system log via system log option.

Any update, freely to let me know.

Best Regards,
Evan You

Sorry for late answer. I solved my problem with this change in common config. = 5
In default there is value 0. But I have problem in delays (5-10sec) when you transfer calls, so I changed it to 1 (1-host, this setting solved problem with delay).
But this change causes problem with ring duration. When I call from yealink to yealink after 10sec phone stops ring.
If I call from outside ( pstn ) or from software Skype client ring drops after 20sec. When I changed value to 5 ( 5-host+udp turn ), phone starts respect values that you can set in Skype client ( settings \ call forwarding \ unanswered calls will go to \ ring for this many seconds before redirecting ).
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