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Full Version: T42G better quality than T23G
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Can anybody describe to me the exact differences between T23G and T42G type phones?
They look different of course, have a different number of soft keys, etc, but what what about other key hardware differences, such as processor, RAM, speaker and handset hardware?

We are not entirely happy with the quality of our T23G phones and would like to know if we can expect better audio and higher quality calls on T42Gs.
Or are the differences more in the feature area?
What's the actual complaint on the T23Gs? i.e. is the audio distorted/choppy/failing, do the tones sound off, etc? What codec are you using with the T23 at the moment?

One quick and easy way to confirm if the issues are caused by hardware or something else in the setup is to put two phones on the same local network, configure them to allow direct IP calling, and do a call from one to the other to test audio quality/performance. This lets the phones use the optimum codec between them, and will allow you to confirm if the issues you're hearing are constant due to hardware (in which case upgrading phones will help), or caused by something else in the setup (in which case upgrading phones will NOT help as something else is the issue).

Just my two cents though. From a features perspective the T4x series get new support and options much sooner than the value-branded T2xs, but in terms of audio hardware I have not heard a significant difference between them and the T2x Gigabit products (i.e. T29, T27G, T23G)
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