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Full Version: 【FAQ】 Yealink Skype for Business Edition frequently asked questions
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• This is a quick overview of the most common asked questions.
• This Section will be updated from time to time.
• The Yealink Forum is not a replacement for Yealink Global Services Support and you may be asked to contact your Distributor.

Please ensure before posting any new Questions in the Forum that you:

• Use the Yealink forum Advanced Search, and review the appropriate board Sticky to be sure there isn’t already a similar posted topic.
• Use the Admin Guide matching your current Software Version
• Visit Yealink FAQ to get answers of common questions.
• Ensure that FAQs in the forum has been consulted.
• Use the Compare Products on the Yealink Web Site.
• Provide the Firmware of your Phone
• Provide the Phone Model
• Provide the SIP Platform

NOTE: Please ensure to consult the Admin Guide as commands provided may vary depending on the Different Firmware and Phone model.

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