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Full Version: Compatibility CP860 with other SIP Server
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I am new for Yealink products. Currently, we have project that our client want to use multi endpoint devices CP860 for their meeting rooms. The Existing SIP Server using CXS Netspire Communication Exchange (Product Code:SVLCX03).

This Netspire has Protocols: (please see attachment)
RFC3261;RFC3550 RTP, RFC3170 Multicast;RFC2131 DHCP;IEEE1588 PTP v2;RFC1157 SNMP;RFC958 NTP
Encoding :
48kHz 24-bit PCM (1152 kbit/s; 24kHz audio bandwidth)
48kHz 16-bit PCM (768 kbit/s; 24kHz audio bandwidth)
CELT (64 kbit/s; 22kHz audio bandwidth)
G711 µlaw/alaw (64 kbit/s; 4kHz audio bandwidth)

We still ini technical review phase so we don't have any Yealink product sample to test the endpoint CP860 with these SIP Server.

Could you or someone please to assist me to state and proof it or make sure this CP860 environment compatible with other SIP Server environment like CXS Netspire ?

We much appreciate and looking for your advise .


Looks like that server is standard SIP compliant device, so you should not have any issues using the CP860 or any other Yealink phones with it. You can't be 100% sure until you get one to try it, but I don't see anything in that documentation that indicates incompatibility...
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