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Full Version: Use devices from different áreas
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Hi I have a Yealink W52P and one W52H from área Brasil, I bought 3 W52H but those are from North América área, even having all of those devices with the last firmware I am not able to syncronize those W52H from North Ámerica with my Brasilian base. There is any limitation related to the áre that those devices came from?

Thaks in advance Pedro Parada

I think the problem is in the used radio frequencies of the phones.
The US version uses other frequencies than Brazil version do. 1920-1930MHz(US) v.s. 1910-1930MHz(Brazil)

The US version W52P(H) cannot be upgraded to Brazil version and v.v.
Hi Frank,

Thanks for your quick response I will contact my dealer to change the headsets for the ones with the same area as my base.
I was not aware about this different frequencies.

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