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Full Version: newbie prov question
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hello to all and thanks for reading this.

i am able to manually import a .cfg file using the webinterface but when i try to use autoprovision, the file is download to the phone but the phone does not seem to process the file.

i have setup a ftp server on my laptop.
in the phone's webinterface, i set the auto provisioning server url and password.

i see from the ftp server logs, that the phone is downloading the 001565827d82.boot file as seen here

RETR 001565827d82.boot
150 Connection accepted
226 Transfer OK

no matter what i info i place into that 001565827d82.boot file, the phone will not use that info.

so using the phone's web interface i create the simplest config possible.
i export that config as a file on my laptop and cut and paste the info into 001565827d82.boot

here is the config file

##File header "#!version:" can not be edited or deleted, and must be placed in the first line.##
##account.X.*:(T54S/T48G/T48S/T46G/T46S/T29G: X ranges from 1 to 16. T52S/T42G/T42S: X ranges from 1 to 12. T41P/T41S/T27P/T27G: X ranges from 1 to 6. T40P/T40G/T23P/T23G: X ranges from 1 to 3. T21(P) E2: X ranges from 1 to 2.)##
account.1.enable = 1
account.1.user_name = test
account.1.sip_server.1.address =

also, when i manually import cfg file using the webinterface, that works.

so this is very strange, i can manually import the cfg file but i cannot use autoprovision to download the same .cfg file.

so even that simple config, my phone will not auto-provision it, i have spent four hours so far, no luck.

i am sure i am doing something simple/stupid.
please help me!


Dear Customer,
Can you please try to put the configurations in the .cfg file instead of a .boot file?
Put 001565827d82.cfg on your provision server and then try the auto provision again on the web user interface again.
If it is not working, please turn on the capturing and repeat the opreations, and then send me the diagnostic files.
Kind Regards
Samuel Wang
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