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Full Version: Which config file for phone_setting.hide_ntp_server.enable
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Hi Yealink,

I'm working through setting up our config files for Skype for Business for the first time and I almost have everything setup the way I want it.
I'm struggling to hide the NTP server settings in the phone's web page. NTP is coming from DHCP and the phone is getting the correct time so I want to hide the manual fields to avoid any confusion in future.
The administration guides and CFG examples disagree on which config file the setting should go in.
I am using firmware T46- and T48-

Please may I have some guidance on which config file this setting needs to go in?


HI Byron,

For the Skype for Business phone, we don't support the user access level feature for now, so you can't hidden the configuration.
Also, in the T46G and T48G, we don't have a plan to add it.

Any problem, please let me know.

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