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Full Version: T41, T46, T27, T29 Call Park Dedicated Soft key or programable button
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Our office uses a verity of Yeahlink phones (T41, T46, T27 & T29). One of the biggest issues we are having is that Yeahlink have yet to address the dedicated park option during a call. Currently on latest firmware during a call a user needs to press the "more" soft key and then park.

The custom menu option for on call does not include an option to add call park which is puzzling to me. Additionally, the phones already have dedicated hard buttons for hold and transfer so why the redundancy and waste adding them on the soft keys on screen.

I believe the park option should be an option in the on on call feature menu and also as an option as a programmable button example "Left Directional" button.

We currently don't use the call retrieve as we have the parking lots programmed to the DSS keys.

Side note: Per my experience working with Cisco in the past, the park option is always the first option on screen when on call which is one of the only things Cisco did right on their phones.
Dear Customer,
I follow up this issue in below Tikcet:
I uploaded files to local HTTP server confirmed files are accessible.

I then proceeded per provided instruction to provision the phone by inputting the server URL/CFG FILE, saving then pressing auto provision. I also restrted the phone to see fi the settings work.

I tested with T29, T46 & T41...... could not get your solution to work. On Call screen still shows standard soft key layout, (Transfer, Hold, Conference, More) and i have to press more to find the dedicated park option.... but this was already like that in latest firmware

Please let me know if there is any step i am missing from your instructions.
I tried the solution proposed on a T41, T46 & T29 setting the files on a local http server and auto provisioning the phones, i could not get your solution to work.

I Also tried to point server address to CFG file then XML file but nothing worked. During a call the standard screen still shows 'Transfer, Hold, Conference, More' on the soft keys and i need to press more to find the Park option.... i believe this was something added in the latest firmware versions.

I also don't understand why Yeahlink still fail to add the Park option to the custom layout menu for "On Call" and furhter more be able to program the Park option into soft keys or programmable buttons. DSS is not an option because users still flick through multiple screens to locate which beats the purpose of having a dedicated button.
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