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Full Version: When I call outside, there's no call waiting tone
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I've call waiting enabled. If I have a call connected, I can hear the call waiting tone for each call coming in on my T29G.

If I'm placing a call, while I hear ringback on handset, and a second call comes in while the call is in progress, I don't have nothing displayed on phone screen and there's no call waiting tone.

To explain better:

- A calls B
- While B is ringing, A receives a call from C
- A does not have any tone to understand that C is calling and there's no message on phone display

Is there any setting to fix this issue?

Hmm that's odd, just tried it here and noticed the same thing on my T29. The call does show up as flashing on the second line key on the account, but unless you were looking for it/paying attention you probably would not notice as it does not generate any kind of audible beep.

Caller ID information for the inbound call can be seen by manually scrolling down, but that's not exactly intuitive either...
Exactly Luis!
Can you check with Yealink guys about it?

Thank you.

any news about this issue?
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