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Full Version: T41P + EHS36 + Jabra 920 (no call control)
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The company I work for just recently upgraded our phones from the aastra voip phones to verizon yealink T41P. I have had the Jabra 920 hooked up to the old phone for a few years now. When I got the new phone I did the required reading, and purchased a EHS36 so I could still use my headset. Now today I hooked it up and the remote call control does not work at all. I can use the headset if i turn on the headset, then dial the number then pass the call to the headset with the button on the phone, but only if I pick up the handset first then pass the call over. I hooked it up by the manual, and I changed the settings in the headset base to auto detect remote call settings. But when i hit the button on the headset it just doesnt do anything with the phone. All the reading I've done says it should work, but its just not......plz help working anchored to my desk is a huge pain.
Hi Mike,
For your question, please contact Verizon Customer Care at 800-922-0204 (6am to 6pm EST) for help. Thanks.
so you're saying that the problem is in the phone end?
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