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Full Version: Yealink keep several connections open to outbound proxies
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We have an issue with Yealink phones, which are not terminating TLS connection to outbound proxy after it switched to another one.

Both outbound proxies have same domain name configured, which resolves via DNS record A into several IP addresses. Sometimes Yealink switches to another proxy, and doesn't terminate connection to previous one. Thus we have pretty high connections count.

I did lab test on YL T21PE2.

Please advise.

Hi Denis,

You means the phone will connect to another proxy and also still connect to previous one?
May i know what firmware you testing with? please upgrade to latest firmware and testing:

If still have issue, please provided PCAP, config.bin and syslog with level 6-----please used span to PC, as the pcap and log may be very large.
thank you.

Hi Jensen,

I've reproduced the issue on the latest FW. Please find logs attached.
The switchover happened around 13:24:40. After it I see connections on both proxies -
Secondary -
netstat -ntap | grep
tcp 0 0 ESTABLISHED 4237/kamailio

Primary -
netstat -ntap | grep
tcp 0 0 ESTABLISHED 15283/kamailio
Hi Jensen,

Do you have any feedback?
(10-25-2017 02:15 PM)DmitryTsyganov Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Jensen,

Do you have any feedback?

Dear Denis,

I have already feedback to R&D, will feedback to you once any update.
Have a nice day.
Dear Denis,

After analysis the debug files and check the mechanism, As it will need to do large change to current mechanism, so we will add to our next version(V83).
Currently, please use below parameter and make it register to Registration server.
account.X.outbound_proxy.Y.failback_mode = 2

Thank you Jensen, I appreciate your help

Could you please approximately
suggest when firmaware v83 will be available?
Hello Jensen,

Firmware v83 is already available, but issue is still reproducible.
So have this already fixed or which version is going to fix this?

Thanks in advance,
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